vendredi 14 avril 2023

My City Guide Melbourne and Delphine Bell week-end

Returning from Melbourne , I was busy , one month abroad is consistent !

I was so happy to have a press review in " Cote Sante " in fact I have a lot of work concerning the release of " Roi et toi " At Le Lys Editions Code LLB5 offered , thanks for the feedback . I love taking care of my books.

I enjoyed the life in Melbourne , visiting a lot of museums and gardens , and Saint Kilda beach of course , I mixed writing and being outside . Australians are really nice , friendly , we went out a lot .

There are a lot of french people here , young ones , but I think The australian dream is a bit disappointing for them . I have prepared a diary with all my activities !

Enjoy your week-end , How is France ?

Lorsque je suis rentree de Melbourne , J'ai ete ravie d'avoir une jolie interview dans " Cote Sante " , un bell article (ah ah )  mais ce n'est pas fini ! L'accueil reserve a " Roi et toi " chez Le Lys bleu editions code LLB5 offert va peut etre aller loin . Je m'occupe de cela .

Nous sommes sortis beaucoup a Melbourne , musees et jardins , la plage de Saint Kilda bien sur. J'aimais melanger ecriture et visites , il y a beaucoup de francais a Melbourne , jeunes , mais parfois decus du reve australien . J'ai ecrit un journal avec toutes nos activites , un mois entier , cela fait beaucoup ! 

Bon week-end , et La France ?