vendredi 31 mars 2023

Returning from Melbourne and "Cote Sante " press

I felt so flattered after my trip In Melbourne, my diary is on the way, to have a review in " Cote Sante ", on my book " Roi et toi " code LLB5 offered at Le Lys bleu editions. The press review is well written by Helia Prevot, a writer herself with " La verité sur l'obesite " at Robert Laffont. She explores the stakes today on obesity with seriousness and documentation. The book is really interesting and a plague in our societies today. In Melbourne, a lot of teenagers suffer from the lack of walking and health eating. My review on my book is in " Cote Sante " this month, so go for it, I am going to deal with it this weekend. I just want serious interviews by serious people.

How are you?

It has been a long time ...

The trip at Melbourne was long, nearly one month and varied.

See you tomorrow...

Je suis si flattee d'avoir eu une critique sur mon livre " Roi et toi " chez Le Lys bleu editions code LLB5 offert dans " Cote Sante "par la journaliste tres serieuse Helia Prevot qui a elle meme ecrit " La verite sur l'obesite " chez Robert Laffont. Son point de vue est fouille et precis. A Melbourne, beaucoup d'adolescents ne pratiquent pas assez d'exercice et le fleau s'etend, donc le livre est a la fois passionnant et documente.

Ma critique de mon livre dans " Cote Sante ' est bien ecrite mais je veux des interviews serieux et exigeants.

J'y reviens .

Cela fait tres longtgemps , presque un mois !!

Vous allez bien ?

On se  voit demain ....


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